Thursday, September 8, 2011

On this past Wednesday night, I issued a challenge to our students to work together within their circle of friends to raise money to purchase Bibles for the Persecuted church in China. Currently, through VOICE of the MARTYRS 97, 450 believers have been identified by name this to provide Bibles for.You are also able to become prayer partners for them.
I wanted to briefly clarify a few ways that you and your student and/or friends of your students can partner together to participate in providing Bibles for specific people in China within the next few weeks:

1) You can work together with Crosspoint Student Ministry: The simplest way that money can be collected and turned in is to either have envelopes of cash OR a check to Crosspoint no later than WEDNESDAY OCTOBER 12th. The goal for Crosspoint is: $150 which will provide 25 Bibles to Chinese People(@ $6 per Bible).

2)You can work independently of Crosspoint: As a individual, a Family, Group of Friends, Athletic team, or School club. Have a monetary goal in mind , pay one selected person in your group, and then have that person pay the bill online in your family or groups name. Independent teams online deadline is Saturday October 15th. Let me know if you do that so I can keep a record of People/amount given just out of interest...

You can learn more about this Ministry at this website

Thank you for your prayers, support, and cooperation in this very dire need for our Asian brothers and sisters in Christ. So now, go get creative on raising funds to go towards putting God’s word into others hands!

Sincerely yours through Christ,
Matt Loving

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